Thursday, October 04, 2007


Tonight I spoke to Pulpwood Smith. He was on his way to play a softball game in a co-ed league in Douglas, Georgia. I asked him if he was going to mash a few long balls and he just laughed and told me he had played in a men's baseball league this past weekend using wooden bats and banged a triple off the wall in his first at bat facing live pitching in more than 5 years. He said his timing was a little off as he went 4-11 for the weekend. For a guy who averaged close to .500 in high school, these numbers were disappointingly low to the former slugger.

The co-ed softball team is headed up by Robert Preston and they use a 16" softball instead of the usual 12" ball. This was Pulpwood's first game with the team and he went 0-3. Here is Robert's report of the game:

"We were one short tonight, so I put Pulpwood in centerfield, between two women, both of whom are former college softball players. Pulpwood played well, but the ball got the better of him. He missed a fly ball, and was 0-3 at the plate, but each ball he hit was very sharp. His last time, he smoked a line drive to the third baseman. It was eat it or catch it, and he caught it. As you can tell in the pictures, he's a little out in front of the ball, but his form is still there. Some things you just can't teach."

Pulpwood has been working steadily and recently rented his own place in Broxton. He told me he wants to try to find some old pictures from the glory days for his walls. I think he is proud to be able to afford his own rent and to be holding down a regular job for the past year. Robert picked Pulpwood up at this house and says that he is sharing the house with a young woman and that it is a nice place and conveniently located between two churches, which Robert finds "comforting."

I asked Pulpwood for a prediction on the Georgia-Tennessee game. He first said the Dawgs would win by 3. Adding, "The Bulldogs play tough." Then he stretched the margin to 7 and predicted the final score would be 24-17. I asked him if he watched the Alabama game and he said no because he doesn't have cable. So, I am not sure how much he has seen these Dawgs play, but he nailed the average points allowed by our defense for this season. I will go on record and state that if we hold UT to only 17 points, there is no way we will lose the game.

I told Pulpwood that people have been searching for information about him on the internet. He told me to call him tomorrow and he would tell me everything that is going on in his life. Of course, Pulpwood has never been shy. So, look for a thorough update here in the next few days.

GO DAWGS, fulfill the Pulpwood Prophesy.

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Anonymous said...

I attended Glynn Academy in Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Three and while there I made a bus ride to Coffee County on a dark and cold November evening for a football contest. I can still hear "Andrea pulpwood smith on the carry" and a wailing siren that made me think we were under air attack from enemy aircraft. I seem to remember limpin' home after Coach Royal hung 54 on us.