Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Are Here, So Here We Are

The Dawgs season went off the tracks around one hour before kickoff of the season opener. That is when it was announced that AJ Green would be held out of the game as a precaution pending a ruling from the NCAA. Admit it, when you heard the news, the wind was gone from your sails as you made your way to the stadium and pondered "What if he has to miss the SC game too?" The news cast a serious blight on the pregame excitement that was palpable. I think many of us figured everything would be ok, but there was the nagging issue of "What if isn't ok?"

Well things ended up being ok for the La La game but then the train went immediately off a cliff because the entire team and offensive coaching staff forgot how to play football without AJ Green on the field. This is inexplicable since he was missing for the Auburn and GA Tech games last year and the team won without him. But, for whatever reason, the offense has been in an extreme funk and 3 straight losses have resulted. So this is where we are now at 1-3 and AJ Green finally coming back. It is a little like the fire truck arriving just in time to save the brick chimney. Our utter offensive futility without AJ does not bode well for next season or even this season if he misses any time due to injury. But still, this is where we are right now and surely he will have a measurable impact.

So I am heading out to Colorado with some great friends to have a good time and to cheer for the Dawgs in a setting that we are unlikely to ever visit again. I expect the offense will have a heartbeat for a change but I wonder if our inability to block and to run with determination will be magically cured. I have no expectations about what will happen on the field but I do expect to have a great time with my friends regardless. And frankly, that is why I enjoy following the Dawgs as much as I do anyway. It is always more about good times with good friends than it is about what actually happens on the field. A win in Boulder will certainly make the trip more enjoyable... and for that reason I say...


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