Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bad Internet Connection Keeps Me Silent

I am on the road and a bad internet connection at my hotel foiled my plans to post something last night. Anyway... all of the things that went wrong against Arkansas have been beaten to death so I will move on without much looking back.

However, I do want to say that as a former tight end, I always look for getting tight ends involved in the offense. I am puzzled why we have not. I am even more puzzled why we almost never put Aaron Murray in the shotgun despite the enormous pass rush from Arkansas and despite the fact that he is barely 6'0" if that. It just seems to me that he would have a better chance to see the field from the shotgun when we are in obvious passing downs. And, since he is mobile, why are we not moving him out of the pocket from time to time? Puzzling.

Oh well, off to call on customers and then to my first game in Fenway Park tonight.