Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kiss My Ass, Kick My Ass, Kick Your Ass: Volume 1

This is a new feature for my fairly featureless blog. Based on current events, I will regularly announce who can Kiss My Ass, who can Kick My Ass and who I should Kick Your Ass.

Kiss My Ass - NCAA. This soul-less organization may not have any lips, but if they did, they could definitely Kiss My Ass for spending 8 weeks investigating God knows what about AJ Green and still not coming up with a ruling. And, AJ is not alone. These idiot bureaucrats are causing numerous college kids to miss games and leaving teams in limbo while they dilly dally and fail to reach conclusions. It must be nice being accountable to no one - like the United Nations. Hey, NCAA pull your head out of your own ass so you can Kiss My Ass.

Kick My Ass - #20 Derek Owens. The freshman cornerback and special teams player for the Dawgs may be only 5-9 and 166 pounds but based on the decleater he laid on a Ragin' Cajun on a Branden Smith punt return, I don't think I would want to scrap with him!

Kick Your Ass - Steve Spurrier. I imagine that a 22 year old Heisman Spurrier could kick my 44 year old ass. I am not sure that a 22 year old SOS could kick my 22 year old ass. But I am pretty sure that the 65 year old Visor Thrower couldn't take me now at 44. I would still train a little before the bout, but I would feel really good about my chances. Of course, I wouldn't want to face him seconds after Garcia's third interception of the game Saturday!

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