Monday, September 06, 2010

Anchors Aweigh Navy

Ready to watch my First Soul Mother

The Mids get a crack at the Maryland Terrapins today at 4:00 pm on ESPN. Navy hasn't played Maryland since before I was a plebe in 1984. The schools are less than an hour apart and there has been a tendency for bad blood to develop between the sports teams - particularly the Lacrosse and Rugby teams. There was once a huge melee in the football stands and the teams discontinued playing each other. I don't know if either school will officially acknowledge this, but suffice it to say that this game will be for serious local bragging rights. After all, Navy guys have to invade College Park every weekend in search of co-eds.

The BirdDog - Navy Blogger - says that there is no reason to expect Maryland to be as bad as their 2-10 squad was last season. The emergence of mobile QB Jamarr Robinson will spark their running game and will challenge Navy's defense. With Navy's well-documented triple option attack and Maryland focusing on the running game, this one may go fast.

Navy will trot out the Georgia boy, QB Ricky Dobbs to lead the Mids in what could be a record setting season and career for the prolific senior.

HDD Prediction: Navy 31 - Maryland 24


Hunker Down said...
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Hunker Down said...

Navy got inside the 5 yard line on 5 separate times and came away with zero points. That is no way to win a ball game. We have a player that needs to let his teammates help him. Still can have a great season, but it takes 22 guys. OK?