Wednesday, September 08, 2010


"I don't want to hear about no damn cramps, Loren."

We had a gorgeous day in Athens last Saturday and there was virtually no humidity. I don't recall seeing any of our players cramp up. That is in part due to the weather and in part due to the substitutions later in the game. However, I saw plenty of cramping in the LSU-UNC and Boise-Va Tech games. This coming Saturday, the weather in Columbia will hover around 90 degrees with humidity over 60 %. That is not "A Time To Kill" hot, but coupled with the effort required to win this annual 15 rounder, cramps are going to happen.

If you watched LSU-UNC, you know that all-world corner Patrick Peterson was on the sideline with cramps when the last two UNC passes were deflecting off the hands of their tight end. Can you imagine if Rennie Curran had been on the sideline with cramps in waning moments of either of the past two UGA-USC tilts? What about Pollack in 2002? Rennie and David won't be there Saturday, so our new hero will need to be fully hydrated, full of pickle juice, bananas or whatever it takes because it's never easy in Columbia.

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