Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 9 HDD TOP 20

1. Ohio State. Rolling right along.
2. Michigan. And now the stage is set.
3. West Virginia. Like the TV Game Show: Real or No Real? Tune in Thursday at 7:45.
4. Louisville. And now the stage is set. Sound familiar?
5. Florida. So the Gators leap over Auburn and the UTs? Yes. Their defense will keep them in any game they have remaining and they should not lose again in 2006.
6. UT. Either one.
7. UT. The other one.
8. Arkansas. They belong above Auburn now, but staying there will prove difficult if not impossible with South Carolina, Tennessee and LSU on their slate.
9. Auburn. The Tigers had trouble with Ole Miss and have a few more difficult games ahead. At this point, they will need some help to get to Atlanta.
10. Southern Cal. Like Sisyphus, they now must roll the rock back up the hill.
11. Notre Dame. Should they be ahead of USC? Settle it on the field boys.
12. California. Sorry dude. What have you done for me lately?
13. Rutgers. Undefeated. Unbelievable.
14. Wisconsin. Now this is my kind of rebuilding year. Dawgs, take notice.
15. Boise State. The last of the unbeatens.
16. LSU. Am I the only one who thinks that on any given Saturday, this team couold beat any team above them?
17. Boston College. Are these guys still have only one loss?
18. Wake Forest. See Boston College.
19. Oklahoma. Hanging tough despite all of their bad luck.
20. Clempson. WTF happened to you?

Also ran: Texas A&M, Tulsa, Oregon, Georgia Tech

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