Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today I finally had the chance to watch the MSU game on CSS replay. I have a few observations that I wish to air...

No more booing our players, shitheads! If you canĂ‚’t refrain, move to the Bronx or South Street. That was a lowlight.

The two completed passes on the MSU final drive were not entirely the result of weakass coverage. The first was a poorly considered throw that just so happened to hang very high to a tall receiver who leaped high to catch it with a smurf defender, Bryan Evans, right underneath him but in an impossible position to break up the pass. Not sure Champ Bailey could have done much with this pass. The second was an out route after 5 or 6 seconds with no rush. The ball was thrown to the sideline and low and was put in a place where no defender could possibly knock it down. When the sliding receiver caught the ball, the ball was at least two feet out of bounds with the receiver still in bounds. Maybe the ball could have been completed even if thrown a little less perfectly because Kelin Johnson was laying off about 5 yards when the ball got to the sideline. Still, based on where this ball was thrown, there was no defensive stop even possible, ever. Then, the third pass was perfectly thrown to Kelin Johnson who Milnered it.

What is the deal with the annoying new celebration dance that assumes the form of a shitty fall away jumpshot? Were all of the cool celebration dances already taken, so now this is the best that these clowns can come up with? Why not just recycle the cabbage patch? I am not an advocate of anti-fun, but I am opposed to anti-cool. The jumpshot/freethrow/Bob Cousy dance is just not cool. Someone please shoot it in the head and do it yesterday!

We will need Mo Mass to beat Florida. I hope he brings his hands and the fans support him.

Never, ever take Southerland off of the field. Put him on defense and all special teams.

Slingin' Matthew Stafford was only off by inches on a few of his throws or he would have had an amazing game. We will need those throws against Florida. Oh please.

Lumpkin needs 20+ carries for us to beat Florida.

More on the Florida game later. And the HDD Top 20 coming tomorrow. G'night.

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