Thursday, October 19, 2006


1. Ohio State. This is building to what may be the biggest Ohio State-Michigan showdown ever. That will be epic if it comes down to both being undefeated and ranked 1,2.

2. Southern Cal. I will stubbornly keep them at #2 unless and until the lose a game. I love their cheerleaders in those sweaters. Case closed!

3. Michigan. Must avoid a stumble against Iowa (the Georgia of the Big 10) coming off an embarassing loss.

4. West Virginia. Still unbeaten and untested.

5. Texas. The best of the once-beatens.

6 . Louisville. See West Virginia.

7. Tennessee. Many obstacles remain, but if Ainge is hot, they will be tough to stop.

8. California. The Golden Bears have begun to look unbeatable. USC stands in the way.

9. Auburn. Yep.

10. Clemson. The best of the ACC - don't say BC please.

11. Florida. What coulda woulda shoulda been.

12. Notre Dame. This seems like the right spot until they play somebody again.

13. Arkansas. They keep improving. But they have some big tests ahead.

14. Georgia Tech. Yuck!

15. LSU. They can't lose again, can they?

16. Wisconsin. Quiet and efficient.

17. Rutgers. Go

18. Boise State.

19. Nebraska.

20. Oregon.

Also ran:

Wake, A&M, Pitt, Mizzou, Oklahoma


wv dawg said...

What about the DAWGS!! You get to insert any of your favorites on your own rankings, just like the sportswriters do! No need for them to deserve it!

Hunker Down said...

The Dawgs definitely do not belong in the Top 20. Maybe they could be an "also ran", but I have temporarily suspended them. I have metaphorically removed the "G" from thier hats until they earn them back!