Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Week 6 Rankings


  1. Ohio State. Showing no chinks at all.
  2. Southern Cal. Showing a few chinks, but still winning. In my view, after the past four seasons, these guys are entitled to win without style points if they must. If they win their remaining games a combined 7 points, they will be in the title game unless the current number 3 runs the table.
  3. Florida. The Gators continue to play 60 minutes of solid football against good teams. That reflects good coaching, good leadership and good discipline. The convincing win over LSU propels them past Michigan, but only by a razor-thin margin. They have several tests remaining and perhaps none bigger than the trip to Auburn this coming Saturday.
  4. Michigan. The Wolverines continue to play 60 minutes of solid football against good teams. That reflects good coaching, good leadership and good discipline. They have a decent road challenge this week at Happy Valley.
  5. West Virginia. Cruising against an easy schedule that won’t change before the next moon.
  6. Louisville. See West Virginia. Have you seen this receiver called Mario Urrutia? 6’-6”, 220 lbs sophomore running something like a 4.4. Where can we get one or five?
  7. Texas. One of the UT’s is the best one-loss team in the country. Good luck proving either case.
  8. Tennessee. See Texas. Ainge was near-perfect against a soft zone Georgia defense. He would have torched man coverage as well that night because he was in a zone and only a severe helmet to helmet sledgehammer Thomas Davis-like collision could have slowed this comet last Saturday.
  9. California. Played their way back up to this spot by scoring 42, 42, 49, 41, and 45.
  10. Notre Dame. Not the best one-loss team in the country, but playing consistently now after a few screwy early weekends.
  11. Clemson. Ugly purple pants almost cost them a win. But pure determination by the players overcame the horrible haberdashery. Nice contest with Georgia Tech lined up on October 21 at night in Death Valley.
  12. Missouri. Hey, they are 6-0, winning easily in every game. How about some love?
  13. Boise State. Props to another 6-0 club with no close calls to date.
  14. Georgia Tech. I know, I know. But it is only for two more weeks, and then we can cast them down into the lower quartile or beyond.
  15. Arkansas. Because they beat Auburn and now have a chance to contend for the West. Why not?
  16. Auburn. Ass burn is more like it after the Nutt job Arkansas pulled on them.
  17. Iowa/Wisconsin in a tie, ummkay.
  18. Oregon. Got smoked by a very good Cal team. Chance for redemption against UCLA this week.
  19. Georgia. Ran into a buzz saw after a fast start against the Vols. Rally time.
  20. Navy. Hell yeah. Four in a row over the Zoomies. Don’t look now, but Navy has Rutgers at home this coming Saturday with a chance to solidify a spot in the HDD Top 20.
  21. Rutgers. Oh Scarlett...

Others receiving consideration… LSU, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Nebraska.

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