Wednesday, October 04, 2006



Not too many shocking developments in Week 5. So here is my ranking of the Top 20 teams…

  1. Ohio State. Rolling.

  2. Auburn. No penalty from me. They beat the Evil One by 7. Good enough.

  3. Southern Cal. Again, no penalty. There is a chink in their armor, but they still may not lose a game all year.

  4. Michigan. Pushing both #3 and #2.

  5. Florida. Nice 60 minute ball game against Bama. Now, LSU.

  6. West Virginia. Who will beat them if Louisville doesn’t?

  7. Louisville. Who will beat them if WVU doesn’t?
  8. Texas. I am concerned that they will get beat by the Sooners this week.

  9. LSU. In the swamp for another colossal test. Can’t wait to watch.

  10. Oregon. Annihilated ASU. At Cal Saturday to prove where they belong.

  11. Clemson. Will rain on Wake’s parade Saturday.

  12. Oklahoma. Chance at the Top 10 if they can beat Texas.

  13. Tennessee. The Vols are firing on all cylinders. But, I hope they sling a rod or two in Athens and have a total breakdown.

  14. Notre Dame. Not much of a schedule remaining until Thanksgiving.

  15. Georgia. Will anyone please catch a forward pass? 3-spot demotion for second week in a row. Must beat Tennessee to regain credibility.

  16. California. Wracking up the points lately. Big home game with the Ducks will determine the second best team out West.

  17. Georgia Tech. If they throw it to Calvin, they win.

  18. Boise State.

  19. Wake Forest. Undefeated and upset-minded.

  20. Rutgers.

We hope that the Scarlet Knights remain in the TOP 20 so we can keep posting pics of Scarlett Johannson who has no connection to Rutgers other than her name.

Others under consideration: Iowa, Nebraska, FSU, VPI, Missouri, BC.

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