Thursday, October 26, 2006


1. Ohio State. This team has yet to be challenged.
2. Southern Cal. Until somebody beats them, if ever.
3. Michigan. This team is going to the MNC Game or, at worst, the Rose Bowl. Not bad.
4. West Virginia. The real challenges are at the door-step.
5. Louisville. See West Virginia.
6. Tennessee.
7. Texas. Close one against Nebraska, but they made their own miracle happen.
8. Clempson. Wow. Did you see CJ Spiller? Me neither, but I did catch his vapor trail.
9. Auburn.
10. Florida.
11. Cal. Slight demotion.
12. Notre Dame. Go NAVY!
13. Arkansas.
14. Wisconsin.
15. Rutgers.
16. LSU.
17. Boise State.
18. Boston College.
19. Missouri.
20. Wake Forest.

Also ran: Oklahoma, A&M, Tulsa.

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