Friday, October 13, 2006



Last week was not full of surprises here.  A record of 9-1 with the sole errant pick being the Oklahoma mistake.  However, I did not pick the Auburn-Arkansas game, but would have gotten it wrong.  That may be the zenith edition of the HDD picks.  Nevertheless, in fearless fashion, here are this weeks picks.

Vanderbilt at Georgia.   The Dawgs must regroup after the collapse against UT.  Vandy has played tough in all of their games and they will come to Athens looking for a win.  Joe T III and Matthew Stafford will share the QB duties and they both need to elevate their game.  If the Georgia O-line blocks like they did against UT, the running backs should have a good day.  The Bulldog defense has to have a short memory and bring some intensity from the opening bell to seize the momentum.  The longer Vandy keeps it close, the greater the likelihood of a devastating upset.  I am concerned that our defense will struggle again.  But, the resurging offense will bail them out.  
Georgia 31 – Vandy 24.

Rutgers at Navy.   Rutgers is undefeated and ranked as they head into Navy-Marine Corps Stadium.  Navy leads the world in rushing at 350 yards per game.  However, Rutgers can run the ball as well and Ray Rice is the 4th leading rusher in the nation with 805 yards thus far.  This game has “Old School” written all over it.  I gotta pick this one with my heart.  Navy 26 – Rutgers 24.

Florida at Auburn.   The team in orange and blue will win this slugfest.  Auburn has shown that something is missing in their close shave at South Carolina and the whipping the took from Arkansas at home.  All Florida has done is beat Tennessee on the road, beat Alabama and LSU soundly at home and develop into one of the most impressive defensive units in the land.  The Gator offense has been up and down, but mostly up.  The Leak-Tebow rotation has been interesting and will be even more compelling in this serious road-test.  Auburn needs Kenny Irons to be healthy, but he is gimpy and will get hit hard by the Gators.  For Auburn to win, Brandon Cox must have a special night (a la Erik Ainge.)  This is another Meteor game, but I suppose I will pick one of these hated rivals.  Florida 24 – Auburn 19.

Michigan at Penn State.  The Wolverines will be without Super Mario and that gives the Nittany a shot.  But, Michigan has more than enough weaponry to hold off Joe Pas troops.  Michigan 30 – PSU 20.

Ohio State at Michigan State.   Some will want you to believe that this could be a trap game for the Buckeyes.  Caca de toro.  OSU wins easily.  Ohio State 45 – MSU 17.

California at Washington State.  The Golden Bears are coming off an impressive win over the Oregon Ducks.  Washington State is 4-2, with the losses against Auburn and USC.  They are a pretty good team and this is a spot where Cal cannot come out flat or they will be waving goodbye to their well-earned Top 10 ranking.  Cal is on a roll and will narrowly escape the clutch of the Cougars.  Cal 35 – WSU 33.
Arizona State at Southern Cal.  ASU has been a let down this year, so I can’t give them any respect going into this game at the Coliseum.  USC is a beat or two off from where they have been the past 4 seasons.  But they will smoke ASU anyway.  USC 44 – ASU 20.

Missouri at Texas A&M.  Mizzou is for real.  At least as far as the Big 12 North is concerned.  They have not been threatened yet in their 6 straight wins.  The Aggies have not impressed me at all and they have Coach Frankandbeans.  It is easy for me to want the Tigers to win this one.  But, it will be a struggle because it is just going to be one of those days for Mizzou.  Missouri 20 – A&M 17.

UCLA at Oregon.  This is the battle of the 4-1 clubs to determine who can claim to be the third best team in the Pac 10.  Oregon is probably feeling a lot like Georgia right now.  They will be at home looking for a good rebound against the Bruins who may or may not be any good.  Their 10 point loss to Washington is their only blemish, but their wins have been against softies.  Oregon has been tested more, but they basically failed two of those tests.  Oregon wins because they are at home.  I think.  Maybe.  Oregon 28 – UCLA 24.

Wake Forest at NC State.   Wake coulda woulda shoulda entered this game at 6-0.  NC State once looked like a team that would enter this game at 1-4.  However, Wake collapsed against Clemson in the 4th quarter (I feel your pain) and NC State ripped BC and FSU in consecutive wins.  Don’t look now, but the Wolfpack are atop the ACC Atlantic division.  I want Wake to win because they are Wake and it is like wanting Rutgers to win, except I don’t want Rutgers to win this week.  (See above and “About Me”).  The ACC is wacky.  Here is what will happen… NC State will beat Wake but then will lose at Maryland next week.  Or Wake will beat the Wolfpack but then go and lose at UNC.  The horror, the horror.  NC State 30 – Wake Forest 27.

There you have it.  Have fun.


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