Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sorry y'all, I have been in Kansas City since Monday and have not had time to blog. I have, however, had time to reflect on our squad. I could reiterate much of what has been said, but by now, that is tired old hat. So, instead, I will speak to the most important issue that I find to be causing us to lose games...


Our defense has not hit anyone hard in about 4 games. In the first few games, I saw Kelin Johnson lay some wood to a few players. However, in the past four games, I cannot think of a single memorable bone-jarring hit by any of our defensive players. We do not inspire the emotion of fear in the opposing offense. Nobody fears the missile-like thuds of yesteryear from Greg Blue and Thomas Davis. Opposing receivers do not have to worry about being decleated or earholed. Instead, we will hug them to the ground greco-roman style. Unless we swing and miss.

I remember in 1994 after we lost to Arkansas at home (was Terrell Davis's best game) which took us to like 0-4 in SEC play. On the call-in show, ole Ray Goof said, "We're gonna do some Oklahoma and find out who wants to play some football." Well, I think it is about time for some Oklahoma again.

Come on Dawgs, turn this thing around and get something going!


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