Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 3 One-Liners

Please allow myself to introduce my... one-liners about the other teams...

Alabama: The Tide look like a very good professional football team right now without any discernible weakness.

LSU: Look like a team capable of beating everyone but Bama.

Florida State: Juggernaut against the Sisters of the Poor but we find out where they stack up in the lowly ACC this Saturday against Clemson.

Notre Dame: The Domers have their best team in at least 10 years and the shiniest helmets ever seen that weren't in a Sci Fi movie.

Florida: Defense is for real and the offense is improving but what will they do with LSU in a couple of weeks?

Big Televen: Looks like Northwestern will carry the torch... which says a lot.

USC: Kiffin is a tool and apparently his team is soft.

Oregon: Speed kills, but Bama and LSU defenses kill more worser.

Oklahoma: I'm not buying.

South Carolina: Connor Shaw is playing with a "hairline" fracture in his shoulder because he is waiting for Jarvis Jones to rip his arm completely off.

Auburn: LOLburn.

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Anonymous said...

Each place have different line-up.. so they have be one liner in each team.. Amanda Vanderpool