Monday, September 17, 2012

Blame Bobo Week 3

I have been a Georgia fan since around 1970. Technically, I have been a fan since birth in 1966, but I will grant that I probably have no memories of being at a UGA game before 1970. Some of you have been fans for much longer. No matter how long you have been a Georgia fan, you have never seen the Dawgs score more than 40 points in 3 consecutive games until this season. In fact, the Dawgs are averaging 47 points per game. Surely Vanderbilt intends to prevent Georgia from making it 4 games in a row with more than 40 points. I think Vandy will fail in that effort, but it will take Aaron Murray being sharp again from the opening possession and our defense getting Vandy's offense off the field efficiently.

Speaking of Murray and blaming Bobo... the Senator has just posted this indicating that against FAU Aaron Murray averaged 18 yards per pass attempt - a mark that no FBS QB has attained since November 2006.

One other Blame Bobo factoid from Saturday night: Georgia set a school record with 713 yards of total offense and 624 of those yards came in the first 3 quarters before the reserves came in for mop up duty.

Tune in next week for more blamethrowing at Mike Bobo.

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I will definitely watch it! I'm sure it's gonna be exciting on the show.. Amanda Vanderpool