Saturday, September 15, 2012

GEORGIA - FAU: Cupcake Party

I think the goal today is to be sharp from the opening kickoff and stay sharp so long as the starters are on the field. Then get the back ups plenty of reps for game experience. And hopefully finish the day with no serious injuries. Vegas says Georgia will win by 41 points. How much we win by is not the important matter. Being sharp is what I want to see. Specifically, here are the things I hope to see:

1. Aaron Murray being accurate from the opening possession and not overthrowing the first few throws.

2. Aaron Murray connecting on a 344 Fullback pass.

3. Richard Samuel catching the 344 Fullback pass with lots of green space in front of him.

4. Dominant downhill running from all three tailbacks.

5. Michael Bennett getting back to being sure-handed.

6. More throws to tight ends including Arthur Lynch's first reception of the year.

7. Stifling run defense.

8. Swarming defense, flying around and creating turnovers. Lots of gang tackling. No walking around.

9. Continued improvement on special teams including non-shaky extra points.


I will be at my son's Pop Warner football game from 7:00 to 9:00 an hour from home. I will have to keep up via the Twitters and watch on DVR replay. Accordingly, I will not be participating in a Hunker Down Beer Challenge. If you choose to carry out an HDBC, be careful and don't drive... this one could get ugly. If I had to predict a final, I will say 55 - 10.


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