Friday, September 28, 2012

Dawgs Will Score 40+ Again

I have screwed around and run out of time to write much about tomorrow's game against Tennessee. I am getting on the road in a few minutes to head to Athens for my first trip of the season.

I am expecting Georgia to score more that 40 points again because Tennessee didn't shown the ability to contain the run or pass against the Gators two weeks ago and these Dawgs are excellent at both. Florida's Jeff Driskel had a personal best 195 passer rating against the Vols and the Gators rolled up 336 yards rushing in Knoxville. Frankly, I believe Vanderbilt's defense is tougher than the UT defense but that doesn't necessarily mean I expect us to score 48 points in 3 quarters. But, I am thinking we will score between 40 and 44 points. This Georgia offense has shown so much variety and has talent all over the place. I would like to say that we will establish a power running game and then use that to open up the play-action passing attack. But really, I have no idea what we will see because it is all predicated upon what UT does on defense. I am really just looking forward to seeing the Dawgs take what Tennessee is willing to give them and then keep taking and taking and taking.

On the other side of the ball, Tyler Bray has shown that he can throw the ball down the fild and has two great receivers in Justin Hunter and Cordarelle Patterson. But, they have shown no running game. The Dawgs will have an opportunity to turn this into a one-dimensional attack and when that happens, guys like Jarvis Jones and Cornelius Washington will pin their ears back and GATQB.

A few things that would be nice to see in person...

1. Another 300 yard day passing for Murray.
2. Another 100 yard day rushing for Gurley.
3. A handful of sacks for Jarvis Jones.
4. More Marlon Brown studding out.
5. A fat guy touchdown for John Jenkins or one of his brethren in the trenches.
6. A big play from Jay Rome.
7. Ogletree and Rambo on the field!!!

I'm outta here.


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Anonymous said...

Go!Go!GO! it is their responsiblity to win the game.. Amanda Vanderpool