Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kiss My Ass, Kick My Ass, Kick Your Ass: Season 3, Volume 2

Kiss My Ass - Lane Kiffin.  

Why? Why not! For being a brat... for being whiny... for being a jackass... for being promoted beyond your talent... for marrying a hottie (just kidding... that is actually pretty awesome)... for being a much less talented but equally annoying younger version of Steve Spurrier... just Kiss My Ass.

Kick My Ass - Trent Murphy.


 If you watched the end of the Stanford-USC game, you saw Stanford OLB Trent Murphy dominate the USC offensive line and blow up several plays including a sack and a tackle for a loss. Recently named to the Butkus Award Watch List, at 6-6 and 261 pounds, this is one ginger who knows how to GATA. Seeing how he bulled his way through the USC resistance like a hot knife through butter, I am pretty sure Trent Murphy would Kick My Ass.    

Kick Your Ass - James Franklin. 

Tell me you didn't see this one coming. But this is not my fight. This is Todd Grantham's deal. The well-documented flare-up at the end of the Georgia-Vanderbilt game last year was rooted in many grievances. From Grantham's perspective, it was Franklin's tacit (or explicit) approval of at least one dirty play by Center Logan Stewart with a clear intent to injure Georgia's Kwame Geathers. 
In addition, Grantham took exception to Franklin yelling at one of his players, Shawn Williams, after the game. While there was indeed plenty of fire in the immediate moments after the game, a time in which there is no doubt Todd Grantham would have kicked Franklin's ass up one side and down the other, I expect that both coaching staffs have used this for motivation for the rematch in Athens Saturday. I certainly hope it is a clean game with no cheap shots. I also hope that it is sufficient motivation for us to see our defense play like their hair is on fire for all 60 minutes. And finally, I would love to see a charity cage match between Grantham and Franklin because if that ever happened, Mr. Franklin... Todd Grantham would Kick Your Ass.


Anonymous said...

One more reason (as if we needed another one) to dislike Lane Kiffin: his Southern accent has disappeared. He no longer has even a trace of a drawl. I am thinking the accent left Knoxville in the middle of the night too. Possibly on a helicopter.

Hunker Down said...

Noted Jennifer. I will add that to the growing list. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! it is a reason why they safe in the game.. Amanda Vanderpool

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