Sunday, September 09, 2012

Jarvis SacMan Jones... A Legend is Born

Jarvis SacMan Jones... A Legend is Born

If Lawrence Taylor and Grendel had a baby, and that humble, determined baby had all of their combined strength and skill but wasn't a cocaine addled raging murderer... that baby would be Jarvis Jones.

Grendel in Action

Lawrence Taylor in Action

Jarvis Jones in Action

Jarvis Jones was reigning down plague, pestilence, drought, and famine among other natural disasters upon the Missouri offense all night. But it was his 4th Quarter 40 second maelstrom of destruction that sealed the game for Georgia. With about 8 minutes remaining in the game and Georgia leading 27-20, Jarvis intercepted a pass at the Missouri 22 yard line and returned it to within a nanometer of the goal line. One Todd Gurley rush later the Dawgs were up 34-20. Then on Missouri's next possession and approximately 40 clock ticks later, Jarvis sacked QB James Franklin forcing a fumble at the Missouri 20 yard line which was recovered by an alert Jordan Jenkins at the Missouri 5 yard line. Three Ken Malcome rushes later it was Old Man Football 41 - Misery 20. Instead of a maelstrom, maybe I should call this a microburst because it was fast, furious and devastating and there was no way to stop it.
Those 40 seconds elevated this Georgia team to victory while also elevating Jarvis Jones from Butkus and Bednarik Candidate to Heisman Candidate. Utterly unbelievable superhuman performance to save the team.


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Nice movie.. so creepy.. but what is in connection in the game? Amanda Vanderpool

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