Monday, October 11, 2010

Mumme Poll - It Just Got Real

Here is my Mumme Poll ballot, followed by some commentary. I have Oregon way out front as number one now that Bama stumbled.

1. Oregon

the next 9 not necessarily in any order:

Ohio State
Boise State
Michigan State

Dammit Mumme Poll, I need my 11 and 12 spots back so I could put both Sackerlina and Bama on the ballot but not in the Top Ten. Seriously, I believe Alabama would beat most any team in my Top Ten, but they have a loss and if I keep them in the Top Ten, wouldn't I also be obliged to put South Carolina in the Top Ten as well? And, if so, which undefeated teams get booted?

To solve this conundrum, I decided, at least for this week, to include only undefeated teams in my Top Ten. Of course, there are undefeated teams outside my Top Ten as well. Most notably, Utah. I suppose I could replace Michigan State or Nevada with Utah, but frankly, I am more impressed with the body of work of those two teams at this point.

I recognize that Nevada is my outlier, but I have seen them play twice and I am blown away by there efficiency and execution. They have yet to trail this season and Colin Kaepernick looks like the second coming of Vince Young, only better. The 52-31 drubbing of Cal continues to stand up as Cal smashed UCLA 35-7 Saturday. If Nevada remains undefeated until their showdown with Boise State 11/26, they can make everyone believers by dispatching the Broncos on their home field in Reno.

Oregon is my #1 team and it is not even close. I cannot imagine why the major polls have tOSU in front.

LSU is the only team in the nation with 6 wins over BCS conference foes. In fact, no one else in the Top Ten has more than 4 wins against BCS conference teams. Say what you will about the method, but the madness has resulted in a 6-0 start.

What do you think? Where did is screw up? What would you do differently?

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