Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kiss My Ass, Kick My Ass, Kick Your Ass: Volume 5

In this feature for my fairly featureless blog, based on current events, I will regularly announce who can Kiss My Ass, who can Kick My Ass and who I should Kick Your Ass.

Kiss My A
ss - Derek Dooley. Derek feels no nostalgia for the Classic City he was born and raised in nor the University that provided his lavish and privileged upbringing and from which he attained his law degree. Now that's just douchy and he can Kiss My Ass.

Kick My A
ss - Roy Halladay. Dude just threw the second post season no-hitter in baseball history, joining Don Larsen from the Yankees 1956 club. Halladay, though pitching for the enemy of my Braves, has been indisputably impressive posting 21 wins and a 2.44 ERA. At 6-6, 230, I have no doubt that "Doc" could mow me down like he just handled the Reds.

Kick Y
our Ass - Westboro Baptist Church. You non-Christian, hate-mongering, bottom feeders may get 1st Amendment protection to continue your unconscionable protests at funerals of fallen soldiers, but try that crap in my town and don't be surprised if me and a bunch of other veterans show up to Kick Your Asses!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't just have to be veterans to kick their ass.

Bernie said...

Two of those pictures make me wanna vomit. The other one pertains to baseball. I told MLB to kiss my ass long ago.

Ally said...

I really resent the heck out of that psychotic Phelps family of terrorists, not only for their insistence to spread hatred falsely in the name of our Lord, but also because they falsely attach the name "Baptist" to their evil endeavors.

If you don't know the story of the Albert Snyder family (father of a dead Marine) google it. Praise God for generous, patriotic Americans that chipped in to pay his fine.

Also, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (in addition to the 9th) can kiss my ass.

Hunker Down said...

Tony... great point. I will give you a call.

Bernie... Is this you?!/photo.php?fbid=438556797731&set=a.438553597731.239817.762452731

Ally... You hhave given me my Kiss My Ass candidate for Volume 6. And I would add that the Patriot Guards are a blessing as well.

Bernie said...

Nope, not me. My beer gut is easily a trimester and a half ahead of his. Although about 9pm last Saturday that's about how I felt. And it had nothing to do with what I ate or drank.