Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hunker Down Beer Challenge

The Dawgs square off against Tennessee Saturday at 12:20 - a game in which both programs are desperate for a win. I will not be in Athens because my 7 year old son has his first football game of the season Saturday morning. Instead, I will be watching the game in Fernandina Beach with my family and some friends. I would love to enjoy some beers during the game but I have decided that my beer consumption will be directly proportional to the Dawgs scoring output. Thus, I issue the Hunker Down Beer Challenge...

I will drink one 12 ounce beer for every UGA score whether it is a touchdown, field goal or safety. But, these will be the only beers I drink. So if the Dawgs get shut out, in addition to being sorely disappointed, I will have an unacceptable 0.00 B.A.C. I am guessing that I would be safe to stash only a 6 pack for the game, but running out of beer during this historic challenge will be inexcusable so I will stock up with a twelver. And I am not talking about wimpy watered down beer. I am talking about great American craft brew. I haven't chosen my Gameday Brew yet, but once I do, I will post an update.

Come on Dawgs... get me drunk. Hell, make me pass out, I don't mind. I will do it for the team to show my support.

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