Thursday, October 21, 2010

Footie Picker Weekend of 10/23


OREGON 21.5 Ucla


Notre Dame 6.5 Navy (in East Rutherford, NJ)
MIAMI 6.5 Unc
CLEMSON 5.5 Georgia Tech
IOWA 5.5 Wisconsin
Michigan State 7.5 NORTHWESTERN
South Carolina 12.5 VANDY
*ARKANSAS 10 Ole Miss
Alabama 17 TENNESSEE
AUBURN 6.5 Lsu
Georgia 3.5 KENTUCKY
TCU 20 Air Force


RedDawg said...

Agreed on everything except the LSU-Auburn game and TCU-Air Force.

Hunker Down said...

Red... Though LSU's offense is a rudderless boat, I think their defense is a force and will keep the game close. I believe Auburn will win, but by less than a TD. Thinking something like 24-20.

I wouldn't normally expect TCU to win this big over USAFA, but since they need as many style points as they can get, I went with them to cover this week.

With recent history as a guide, I will be wrong on half of these picks.