Thursday, September 03, 2009

An Offensive Formation I Would Love to See


So the Dawgs have 3rd down and 5 yards to go at multiple points throughout the game... based on what you know right now about this team, what formation, personnel and play do you call?

I like the idea of these 5 players on the field:

AJ Green
Michael Moore
Aron White or Orson Charles
Shaun Chapas
Carlton Thomas

Now I line up in a split backfield (Chapas right - Thomas left), TE right, Moore is wide right, Green wide left. I have Green running a skinny post while I flood the right side as follows: Moore is running a 12-15 yard out route, TE is running a 10 yard curl and Chapas is on a flare route. Meanwhile Thomas is running a delayed release to the left flat. All of these guys are athletic, sure-handed players - and I can't imagine that OSU can cover all 5 consistently in these situations. I believe the tendency will be to double AJ Green. So on the left side, the corner will run with Green and one safety cheats to that side. Maybe a nickel back is assigned to Thomas but you would think that there would be a one-on-one match up in the left flat without much help available if the one man misses. Now, over on the flooded right side - Moore, a proven 3rd down reliable go to guy, will attract enough attention that could leave Chapas alone in the flat and almost certainly our tall athletic tight ends create a mismatch with either a smaller db or a slower linebacker.

I really like this scenario with Cox's accurate arm in the game... but imagine the additional pressure you put on the defense if you insert dual-threat Logan Gray in this situation?

One variation would be to sneak Chapas up the middle after a quick delay - a la P-44 Haynes.

Compared to last year, the utilization of either White or Charles at TE makes the 5 eligible receivers more dangerous than any group we used last year since White was not used nearly enough. In addition, Gray gives us the potential to add an element not seen since DJ Shockley lead the team.

So what do you think? How would you deploy these weapons?

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