Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birds and Bees

My daughter, Annie, turns 9 this Friday. She is in the third grade and has to read a book every night and take a test the next morning. On Monday night she was reading to me and her book was about Maltese Dogs. The book explained about the breed and how to care for them. On one page it talked about taking puppies to a veterinarian for vaccinations and also mentioned that the vet could neuter or spay you pet. The terms neuter and spay were in bold so I figured they could appear on her test so, not really thinking a few moves ahead, I asked Annie if she knew those words. She said no, and here is the exchange that followed...

Me: "This is when the vet "fixes" your pet so they won't have babies."
Annie: "Oh, like Charlie?" referring to our neutered Westie.
Me: "Yes, exactly."
Annie: "So neuter means the dog can't have babies?"
Me, with my brain in slow motion: "You neuter boy dogs and spay girl dogs."
Annie looked at me curiously and asked, "Boy dogs can have babies?"
Me, thinking "oh shit": "No, but they can make girl dogs have babies." Now I realized how dangerously close I was to a discussion on the birds and bees that I am no where near prepared to have yet.

Annie now looked at me with a big curious grin on her face, squinted one eye, tilted her head and simply replied "Weird."

I turned the page. Not ready for that discussion. Weird, indeed.


Alan Ashley said...

Close call and good recovery. I'll be facing the same thing in a few years with my twin girls.

Paige said...

Yeah, my 6 year old asked me recently how do mommies get a baby in their tummies. I was SO not prepared for that one. We were just getting to school so I told him that it would take to long to explain so we would talk about it later. He hasn't remembered to ask and I'm not going to remind him! LOL

Rex said...

Hopefully she will never know how truly weird it can be...and I'm so glad I had boys...thank you again Lord.