Thursday, September 24, 2009

ESPN Bumper Music

I have been wanting to spill this rant for a couple of weeks. As you know, ESPN contracted Kenny Chesney to write a "theme" song for their college football shows this season and Kenny came up with the lame "This is Our Moment" or whatever the hell it is called. That 800 lb cheeseball of a song would be better suited to American Idol or High School Musical, but that is not the point I wish to make. Evidently, ESPN wanted to replace the Big and Rich song "Coming to Your Citaaaaaaaaay" this season and they relied on Chesney to deliver something that wouldn't be worse. Epic Fail! But,the point I want to get to is that all of these fans in the blogs and blog comments have pissed and moaned about the ESPN music for at least the past two years. Then, last week ESPN breaks out some Dave Matthews Band and we get more bitching and whining about how sucky the music is. The same thing happens every year during the College World Series and the one song that ESPN plays over and over for that tournament. Ok... here is my point... who gives a shit? There is not one single song by any single artist that won't have half of these folks bitching about it. So why try, ESPN? Why not just play your own compositions that are distinct to ESPN/ABC football like CBS does? Seems like a simple thing to me. Think of all the bandwidth it would save. Carry on.

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Emerson113 said...

I am in complete agreement. Well said