Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Okie State Game


Discipline on defense will be the key. Two years ago, we disrupted OSU’s entire offense by bringing unrelenting heat on QB Bobby Reid. Saturday, we must get pressure on Zac Robinson, but we cannot allow him to escape contain and beat us with his feet. We also must be aware of screens and shuttle passes to Hunter so that an aggressive pass rush doesn’t get exploited to our detriment.

Against the run… well they won’t gain a yard in the middle, but when Hunter tries to get to the corner, we cannot over-pursue or swing and miss like we did against the Tech backs last December. Hunter has the speed and balance to make us pay if he can turn the corner.

These are my main concerns.

I feel like our offense will move the ball with a balance of 67% runs and 33% passes which will help control the clock and keep their offense off the field. The key for our offense will be turning red zone opportunities into touchdowns instead of field goals (no offense Rex.) If we do that, we will be fine.


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Earl said...

Hoping our line and Richard work'em over and give our D plenty of rest.