Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally Saw the UGA-ASU Replay

Here's the deal... I was in Annapolis having a great time last weekend and did not see the first 2.5 quarters of the Dawgs game. I did make it to a sports bar in time for the barrage of turnovers and the dramatic AJ Green show. But, by that point I was operating on about 30 draft beers and was in no position to opine about the Dawgs performance.

Old guy doing a beer bong. It's been a while but I got it down in under 2 seconds.

Today I saw the CSS replay and have a handful of observations.

1. While the defense got gashed a bit by their big back, the yards were generally meaningless and the defense showed a ton of backbone on the UGA side of the fifty - particularly in the 4th quarter.

2. AJ Green... again. He showed unbelievable intensity. And, for the record, he absolutely got his right toes down for a touchdown that was denied. I think the refs just were unable to believe any athlete could make that play. But he did.

3. Joe Cox and rain do not mix. Pray for dry weather this Saturday. Still, Joe made enough throws to get the win. His second interception would have been a long AJ Green touchdown if thrown well.

4. Our running game was weak and it started with the blocking. Caleb needs more carries. Searles needs to get bust some balls this week.

5. Baccari Rambo looked great and needs lots more playing time.

6. Justin Houston is coming on. I thought he would need a couple of games to get up to speed, but he was everywhere and playing angry last Saturday. In fact, the front four got an excellent upfield push and created sufficient disruption to keep the ASU QB out of synch all night.

7. Walsh... keep up the great work young man!

8. Fullbacks need to make bigger blocks on LBs. That will help the running game.

9. Speaking of LBs... the ASU freshman Burfict was a true phenom. He just missed a pick six that could have been a back-breaker for us.

10. Turnovers... please make them go away!

P.S. A special thanks to AllyUgaDawg for tweeting me about 100 updates on the Dawgs game while I partied in the rain outside of Navy-Marine Corps Stadium!


Anonymous said...

We want Pulpwood!! Great site. The turn overs are an epic fail!

Anonymous said...


Hunker Down said...

Haha. That is about right, minus the whole "streaking the quad" thing.

It tastes so good when it hits your lips.

Anonymous said...

Can you still drink an entire six pack without separating the cans from the ring?

Hunker Down said...

Tiffany or Rob? What did I call that?