Saturday, September 05, 2009


Here is the temperature in Stillwater... The OSU fans are quite hospitable and we have been invited to at least 4 different tailgate parties. While polite, the usual taunts have been along the lines of "Y'all sure did come a long way to get your butt's beat." One fan told us that our freshman quarterback was going to learn about Big 12 football. I suppose he is right, Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger did both make the trip. These folks have been most pleasant even though their town is a far cry from Athens. The stadium is a marvel - small but impressive. (Save your penis jokes - I recognize the set-up.)

Thus far, I don't think I have spoken to a single OSU fan who has the slightest notion what is going to happen to them today. Ah... ignorance is such bliss. One guy asked me "Really, how do you guy's expect to win?" I answered "I guess we will have to play good defense, good offense and good special teams." I watch them and listen to them and smile, as if I have a tremendous secret. But, it should be no secret at all. Do they not recall the 2007 opener? Do they truly have no memory of how this Dawg will bite you? In exactly 6 hours, the Dawgs will be flying around Pickens stadium at such blinding speed and wreaking such destruction that the damn tornado sirens will be going off all over Oklahoma - where the Dawgs have come sweepin' down the plains!

Buckle up Dawgnation... as Jeff Owens tweeted at 7:13 this morning: Rise and shine, this is the day God has made so let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! (the three exclamation points are his)


BulldawgJosh said...

Despite the fact that they were right about the win, love the post, and love hearing anything about road game atmospheres. Ok St. will be the only game I'm missing this year.

Hunker Down said...

Despite the disappointing outcome, I am glad I made the trip and had the experience of going to Stillwater. It is unlikely that my travels would ever place me in Stillwater again, but at least I was there this once and met a great group of people from a Dawg opponent.

Now... let's crush Spurrier's soul.