Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is a Keeper

This post had me laughing so hard that I woke up my wife around midnight last night. (HT to Doug Gillett who gives a HT to his buddy Kevin W.) I don't know if it is just that damn funny or if I am just that damn base. Either way, I had to share it.

Here is an excerpt:

No. 8 of Gump for Heisman's 10 Things To Look Forward To This College Football Season...

8) Your girlfriend/wife questioning your sanity

Somewhere between the broken remote control and you shouting repeated obscenities at a 37”-inch Samsung LCD TV, it’s bound to happen.

‘You’re crazy.’

She’s right. You are fucking crazy. You’re bat-shit. And you know it. Then again, it’s the fall. 90,000 other people in hundreds of American cities go bat-shit every Saturday.

She just doesn’t understand. She’s a woman. And women are irrational. Women are so irrational they don’t understand why you spend 15% of your salary on season tickets and love your starting quarterback and hate your starting quarterback and love your starting quarterback and let the actions of 19 year-old strangers dictate your mood for one-fourth of the Caesarian calendar.

They just don't get it. Crazy bitches.


Ally said...

Nice. Lol! Not all of my species fall into that category ;-)

Hunker Down said...

That is why we love you!

But, here as a case in point...
My buddy told me he was watching a game on ESPN Classic that was from 1993. His wife asked him if football season had already started. He told her that it had not but he was watching a rerun of an epic game from 1993. Her response...

"1993? That's crazy."

My wonderful wife accepts the lunacy of college football fanaticism and rolls with it. That's why I love her. Or at least one of the top reasons.

Bop said...

This is hilarious. So glad you linked it. I did the same thing last night laughing soooo hard.

Makes me think of a deal my wife and I have...If I ever get alzheimer's (sp) down the road, my wife is gonna put a Georgia beating Florida game on for me EVERY DAY. I'll be a happy happy person day in and day out.

Hunker Down said...


That would be a much better alternative to antidepressants! Great idea.