Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Senator Blutarsky Asks, "How Fabulous Are The Freshmen?"

Over at "Get the Picture" Senator Blutarsky comments on an article by Marc Weizser from the ABH which points out that 10-12 true freshmen may play this year. Since 2003, no more than 6 freshmen have made it onto the field. So, in light of the fact that Coach Richt is unafraid to play this many freshmen this season, the Senator poses two questions (or maybe one question with two parts):

1. What does this say about the level of talent in this freshman class?
2. What does this say about what Coach Richt thinks his team can accomplish of this season?

Here are my thoughts...

Our two-deep depth chart has only 11 seniors and 10 or 11 juniors.

Our starting line-up for the GSU game will feature Seniors Tripp Chandler and Mo Massaquoi on offense and Wynn, Owens, Lomax, Ellerbe and Byrd on defense. Punter Brian Mimbs is also a senior and Brannan Southerland would be a third senior starter on offense if he was not injured. So 7 out of 22 starters are seniors. Over half of the two-deep are Sophomores or freshmen. We are not as young as last year, but we still have a ton of youth that will be on the field.

To answer your questions:
1. This year’s crop of freshmen has tremendous star power with at least 6 or 7 guys likely cracking the two-deep by mid-season. Glenn, Green, Jones, T. King, Dowtin and Rambo. Richard Samuel is neck and neck with Caleb King as Moreno’s back-up and if either Moreno or King gets nicked up, he is on the two deep. And of course, kicker Blair Walsh is a frosh. These 8 guys will all contribute on a team that returns 17 starters from the 2nd ranked team in the country that won its last 6 games by an average of 17 points. So it ain’t like the returners are chumps. WOW.

2. Crystal Football!

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