Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Triathlon Talk

Swim 1.2 miles - Bike 56 miles - Run 13 miles

For the past three summers, I have been doing triathlons. Mostly sprint distance. But I finished the season last year with an Olympic distance race. In May of this year, I started the season with an Olympic triathlon and plan to finish it with a Half-Ironman distance race on October 4th. The Half is going to be right here on Amelia Island and will be an inaugural event titled "Atlantic Coast Triathlon." I am lucky that it coincides with the Dawgs off week. Needless to say, if it was the same weekend as the UT game, I would not be doing a Half this year.

I have had a recent set back with a strained lower back and had to take two weeks off. Today, I resumed my training and look forward to hopefully staying healthy for the next 6 weeks. I really want to finish this Half this year. It is what I have been training for since January when I was going to the Rec Center pool in the 6:00 am darkness when it was 40 degrees outside but 80 degrees in the water.
I know I won't be fast, but I just want to finish it.

I have added a few fitness related links in my blogroll. One is "Crossfit Amelia Island" and that is where my wife spends her work day coaching and training. She also teaches spinning classes, competes in road races, adventure races and some triathlons. It is really because of her that I got into triathlons. She inspired me to get back into the shape I was in back in my old UGA Rugby days of 1992-1996. It has worked out pretty well. Since this is my other passion, I figured I should blog about triathlon on ocassion.

So what does this have to do with UGA football? Not much. But, if anyone reading my blog is interested in races in the North Florida area, there are plenty and they are always fun. We believe that the race here on Amelia Island can become an excellent destination race for triathletes from all over, not just us locals. Speaking of which, we do have a superb triathlon group here on the island. Many are fast, but they let me into the group anyway because I rarely miss a beer drinking outing. However, I was required to make a few long Saturday bike rides to earn my stripes. Now, after recent rides of 40, 50, 50 and 70 miles, I almost feel like I belong.

I can think of one Dawg connection that is triathlon related... former UGA receiver and punt returner Chris McCranie participates in many of our local triathlons. He lives in Jacksonville with his wife Jennifer - a sweetheart from my hometown of Douglas. They have a one year old boy that is unmistakeably Chris's baby.

About the only other Dawgly relevance I can think of is that I will have to moderate my game day festivities between now and October 4th. I suppose that means that I will be off the chain at the Tennessee game. Oh, shit!


Troy said...

Do you have to be naturally hairless to do triathlons or can you shave? I am unclear on the rules.

Hunker Down said...

I haven't seen the latest rule book to confirm any updates or modifications, but as I understand it, it works like this:

Men: Grooming Standards per USAT

1) If you are naturally hairless - ok to race.

2) If you are bald, but have had hair replacement treatments - ok to race.

3) If you are bald and wear a hairpiece - not ok to race. Hairpiece must be removed.

4) If you wear a full sweater under your shirt - not ok to race because other racers may become ill at the sight. You must shave.

5) If you are Asian, and therefore only have 9 hairs combined on your chest, back, legs and arms - ok to race, but you may shave if desired. *Special Rule 5a states however that you may not have a hair growing from any mole that exceeds 2 cenitmeters.

6) If you have blond hair that is not noticeable to other racers ok to race, but you may shave if desired.

7) If you have dark hair, but are more than a few generations removed from the Caveman (as seen in Geico commercials) - ok to race, but you should shave at least for races to pick up an extra 3 to 4 seconds in the swim.

Women: Grooming Standards per USAT

1) Shave any hair that is not on your head that would otherwise be visible.

2) Wear extremely skimpy race clothing. Refer back to Rule #1.

Troy said...
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