Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear World Wide Leader

(I borrowed this idea from the fellas over at Dawgs On Top)

Dear ESPN,

Please have Mark May clean out his desk and all that shit on top of it, including his Jackie Sherrill Bobblehead Doll, his Stacy Lattisaw cassettes and his little magazine on NCAA 2009 cheats. Reassign him to Guantanamo Bay to cover the Detainee Flag Football League for your Al Jazeera sports affiliate. One way ticket only, please.

Do NOT fire Lou Holthh but take him out of the studio. Pay him handsomely for preparing insane non sequitur-laden pep talks.

Definition of hypocrite = person who complains about the amount of sex and violence on their TV. Really? Damn, and I thought it was a person who complains about too much noise coming from his gasoline-powered turtleneck sweater.

It never gets old watching Lou spit his way through many life lessons and rules to live by while also motivating us to go out and use our bodies as missiles against other humans. So yeah, keep him around for that.


Bop said...

I'm with ya. I'm convinced they will put anyone on that channel. How I wish they didn't have such a monopoly.

Only difference for me...I can't listen to Holtz. Have to mute him or turn the channel.

Great boat btw!

Ally said...

Agreed, I actually attemted to watch the 4 hour cfb live last night. I got all the way into hour 2 before I nearly pulled a Van Gogh & sliced my ear off.

Watching Holtzth interview his son Skip is enough to jumpstart a vomit.

CMR with Joe Schad was good, but it pissed me off when they made fun of his hat.

Hate the wwl :-(

Hunker Down said...


When I listen to Holtz, it is like listening to Grandpa on The Simpsons. It is pure comedy but with an ominous foreshadowing of the perils of aging and losing your mind.


I didn't even try to watch. Can't wait for the games tonight, but I had no interest in listening to the same garbage regurgitated ad nauseum. Were it not for the Dawgosphere, I may have tuned in for 4 hours hoping to catch the 3 minutes devoted to covering the Dawgs. Instead, I read about 20 blog entries from Dawg people talking about the Dawgs with more knowledge and insight and humor than I would ever get from the WWL. I suppose I should thank Al Gore.