Monday, September 11, 2006

Week Two HDD Top 20

See this link for my preliminary comments. For one more week, I have decided that only undefeated teams will appear in my Top 20. Indeed, I will use each of the first 4 weeks of the season to take special liberties in my rankings since I believe rankings are nonsense until four weeks into the season anyway. (Some may argue that my rankings are nonsense anyway.)

1. OHIO STATE - This team is loaded. Smith and Ginn are lethal. The defense is stout and yet another phenomenal linebacker, Laurinaitis, is roaming sideline-to-sideline for the Buckeyes. Texas was outclassed and the Colt is not quite ready to be tabbed a "Stallion."

2. Southern Cal. Same as I said last week.

3. Auburn. Scary how good they look right now.

4. LSU. See how I am setting up this big contest between 3 and 4? This is my "Full Oval" campaign.

5. Notre Dame. Still being punished for the Tech game, but they silenced their critics with an amazing performance against a decent Penn State team.

6. West Virginia. Weak opponent but the 52-3 performance still impresses.

7. Florida. Stomped a bowl team in UCF. Nice showing.

8. Tennessee. Should drop them farther because of their scare by USAFA, but they were caught in a sandwich game, so I will give them a break...which sets up another "Full Oval" situation with 7 v. 8 next Saturday.

9. Louisville. Lotta points and good running by the new tailback.

10. Michigan. Yawn.

11. Georgia. Pitched a shut out against Spurrier. Nice!

12. Virginia Tech. Same comment as last week.

13. Boston College. Great comeback. Or was that Clemson's patented "come from ahead to lose" move?

14. Iowa. Corn again. When I first saw these highlights, I thought Jim Brown would get a few carries.

15. Oregon. I accidentally left the Ducks out of my rankings last week. They belong.

16. Arizona State. I like watching these guys play. They could have a special season. Stay tuned.

17. Florida State. This is a Troy State penalty slide.

18. Missouri. What, would you prefer that I drop Oklahoma or Nebraska in this slot? But, I think Missouri is better than them both right now.

19. Rutgers. Are these kids for real?

20. Navy. My rankings, my liberties. Come on Navy, make me look good!

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