Thursday, September 28, 2006


Here is my attempt, after 4 weeks of football, to look into the crystal ball and predict the competitors in the five BCS Bowls in January. It will be interesting to look back in a few months to see how much things have changed over the course of the season… or how much things stayed the same.

Clemson v. Texas
Clemson rolls into the site of its 1981 National Championship to test their mettle against the Texas Longhorns. Yes, there will be an “Orange Out” at Dolphin Stadium. Clemson wins a thriller and Tommy gets a contract extension.

Oklahoma v. Florida
Having topped Texas in the Red River Shootout, and Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship Game, Oklahoma continues to beat the dead horse that cost them the win at Oregon. Florida's second heart-breaking loss to Auburn at the SECCG kept the Gators out of the Sugar Bowl, but winning this desert duel against the Sooners and Heisman Winner Adrian Peterson caps the finest season for the Reptiles since the devil left Gainesville.

Southern Cal v. Michigan
This game is so old school we expected to see Bo Schembechler in a headset. Pesky California kept USC out of the MNC Game, but beating a great Michigan team in this Tournament of Roses Classic lands USC at 2nd in the final polls for the third time in 5 years. They were #1 the other two. (Auburn gets penalized for not beating TCU in convincing fashion.)

SUGAR BOWL – back in the Big Easy
Auburn v. TCU
Auburn’s sole loss to Georgia on the Plains kept them out of the Big One even though many observers agreed that they were, at worst, the second best team in the country. The newly expanded BCS and a perfect season lead TCU back to the Sugar Bowl for the first time since they topped Carnegie Tech in 1939. Auburn wins in a lackluster performance. BCS officials state, “The BCS is still working.”

Ohio State v. West Virginia
For the second time in 5 years, the Buckeyes have negotiated their slate without a blemish – despite a couple of narrow escapes. Since winning a dogfight in Louisville back in November, the Mountaineers laid waste to the weaklings in their path. The Buckeyes no doubt learned how not-to defend White and Slaton by watching tape of the 2006 Sugar Bowl. Maxwell Pundit Award winner, Matthew Laurinaitis, led a defensive crew that put on a clinic about how to stop the spread offensive attack of Rich Rodriguez and his speed merchants. For the second time in 5 years, Jim Tressel’s bunch give meaning to the truism that “defense wins championships.”

Hope y’all enjoyed he season. Good luck with recruiting. See you in late August.


paulwesterdawg said...

TCU really let you down tonight.


Hunker Down said...

My Crystal Ball has an eerie way of matking a team for death. Auburn barely escaped the sinister curse.

I really am glad TCU went down (with apologies to Billy Clyde Puckett and them.) Now if Utah and Boise can get a loss somewhere we won't have to see a WACky WESTy team in the BCS.

TCU and Auburn should have been focusing on BYU and SC and not believing everything they read in my Blog. Let that be a warning to the other 8 teams and may Florida fail to heed the warning!


Hunker Down said...

Make that "marking a team for death."