Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have been too busy working to get this Top 20 out earlier. I know it has been a downer for your week, but accept my apology and carry on. So, without any prolonged pontification, here are my rankings.

1. Ohio State - revenge date this Saturday
2. USC - barely ahead of Auburn right now.
3. Auburn - if these guys run the table, they will be in my top 2.
4. Michigan - huge leap up the poll.
5. Florida - nice road win at Rocky Top.
6. West Virginia - Fast.
7. Louisville - how many more stars can they lose and still win?
8. Georgia - back to back shut outs and a good chance at a third against the hapless Buffaloes.
9. Virginia Tech - several tests coming soon.
10. Boston College - this could be Clemson.
11. Iowa.
12. Oregon - would be higher if they had won without the controversy.
13. Texas.
14. TCU.
15. Arizona State.
16. Clemson.
17. Boise State.
18. Rutgers.
19. Navy.
20. Missouri.

Notre Dame gets a one week suspension for looking like Penn State.

Next week I get serious.

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