Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Georgia 48 - WKU Hilltoppas 12

Hallelujah, hallelujah. There is no time like the beginning of a college football season. Like my nephew, Charlie Walton, in the photo here, I was more than a little excited to see toe meet leather on Saturday. Starting the season with Western Kentucky was difficult to get enthused about, but it was the opening act of what I hope will be a 14 act performance by the Dawgs.

The Good:
Special Teams were truly special.
Mikey Henderson made one mistake that he will never make again - like in a critical situation against a tough opponent.
Matt Stafford can pitch it.
Bookends of Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson will make life miserable for opposing OCs and QBs.
Tony Taylor, Jarvis Jackson and Darius Dewberry are a terrific trio.
Kris Durham will catch a lot of passes during the next 4 years.

The Bad:
One blown coverage

The Ugly:
Dropped passes. Come on guys, you are getting a free education... catch the frigging football.

What have we learned? Not much. For me, witnessing the speed of the young players was impressive. Richt has reloaded the coffers with a lot of speed, which, as they say, kills. Matt Stafford looked like a championship quarterback. It is clearly too early to hand him the keys to the program. But it is coming and it might be coming soon. If the offense struggles under Joe T next Saturday, Stafford could get a shot before the half but this most likely will not happen. I will explain in my preview of the South Carolina game on Thursday. Tomorrow, I will present my Top 20.

Thanks for checking in. It is good to be back live.

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