Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My previous 3 weekly rankings were part serious and part jest since I firmly believe that rankings prior to 4 weeks of on-the-field results are somewhat meaningless.  Some would opine that my TOP 20 is totally meaningless at all times.  No matter.  Here is my first serious effort at the HDD TOP 20.

  1. Ohio State.  Another hurdle at Iowa this week, then it is smooth sailing for awhile.

  2. Auburn.  Several traps lay ahead for Auburn.  But for now, they look awfully good.

  3. Southern Cal.  Still a great team, but not looking totally invincible right now.

  4. Michigan.  Looking unstoppable now.  Can anyone slow them down before the big date with the Buckeyes in November?

  5. Florida.  The Gators are good.  They will be tested like crazy with their brutal remaining schedule featuring Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia and FSU.  

  6. West Virginia.  These speed merchants showed some weaknesses against ECU, but still won easily.  

  7. Louisville.  Even after losing the star tailback and QB, these guys are still rolling.

  8. Texas.  Gearing up for the Rio Rojo Shootout.

  9. LSU.  Opportunity to prove where they belong when they go from the bayou to the swamp on October 7.

  10. Virginia Tech.  Nobody is all excited about the Hokies, but they could be favored to win all of their remaining games.

  11. Georgia.  Look mom, a Homer pick.  Well, I am giving my Dawgs a 3 spot demotion for their poor performance against winless, but not hapless, Colorado.  Still, there is something to be said about staying undefeated and I am not convinced that any of the other undefeated teams are better.

  12. Oregon.  Nothing comes to mind.  Sorry.

  13. Clemson.  They typically get better throughout the year and they are already looking good thus far.

  14. Oklahoma.  Looking forward to Texas.

  15. Notre Dame.  I believe they are better than how they looked the past two weeks.  But, they are not TOP 10 right now no matter what their faithful followers think.

  16. Tennessee.  Don’t forget about this team that was one break away from being in the top 5.

  17. Iowa.  They have a great chance to shake up the BCS Saturday.  But, it will not happen.

  18. California.  They are looking great now and flip-flop with Oregon in two weeks.

  19. TCU.  This is an exciting team to keep an eye on.

  20. Nebraska.  The Huskers are improved this year.  But, how much?

Others:  Wake Forest, Rutgers, FSU, Georgia Tech, Boise State.

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