Friday, December 02, 2005



I need some advice regarding MP3 players for a Christmas present to my ownself.  I want to get an MP3 player that is compatible with one of the music-to-go services. In the past year, I have subscribed to Napster, Rhapsody and Yahoo Music for the streaming service, but I have not yet tried any of their music-to-go services under which one may fill and refill an MP3 player with as many songs as you please.  I tend to like Rhapsody the best because it seems to have more music that I prefer.  I also like some of the features of Yahoo, but the Beta version of their music engine was a P.O.S. and was frustrating to use, so I got a refund and went back to Rhapsody.  I now hear that the new version of Yahoo Music engine is much improved.

While I am well aware of the IPOD world, I do not want to be married to iTunes forever and I really like the idea of the music-to-go.  Maybe that signifies that I am too cheap to buy the music outright.  Or it signifies that I can’t make up my mind about what I want to listen to on a consistent basis, so I like having a shitload of flexibility.  So that leaves me looking at MP3 players from Creative and Dell for the most part.  In addition to compatibility with the subscription service that I choose, the other key features I am looking for are: capacity (preferably 30+ gig), ease of use, reliability, accessories available and cost.

If anyone has any input regarding the Creative Zen Sleek, Zen Touch or Dell DJ, please enlighten me.  Thanks in advance.

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