Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Rank 'Em Like I See 'Em

Hunker Down Dawg Blog CFB Poll – Pre-Bowl Edition

1.  Southern Cal - A team that has not lost since early in the 2003 season has earned this spot until beaten.  However, I am not sure yet if I will pick them to beat Texas.  We shall see.
2.  Texas at Austin – I know they can score, but how well can they stop the USC offense?  I cannot wait to find out.
3.  Penn State – Solid year for the Nittany.  One “last play of the game” away from creating a BCS controversy.
4.  Notre Dame – Does it matter if I have them one spot ahead of OSU since they get their chance to prove it in Phoenix?
5.  Ohio State – See # 4.
6.  Oregon – Even though I think the Pac 10 was down some, their 10 wins were impressive.
7.  Georgia – Yes we jump Auburn and West Virginia.  That is what happens when you be-otch slap LSU for 60 minutes.
8.  Auburn – Just beat Wisconsin, OK?
9.  West Virginia – Speed.  Looking forward to this match up.
10.  LSU – Stays above VPI because they lost to a much better team than FSU.
11.  Miami – One above VPI seems right.
12. VPI.  Was that FSU’s defense from 1994?
13.  Alabama – I am sure they are better than TCU.
14.  TCU – Maybe they should play Bama instead of Texas Tech.
15.  Louisville – Not really sure about them, but will see in the Gator Bowl.
16.  Wisconsin – Good match-up woth Auburn will be fun to watch.
17.  Florida – With a bowl win will end with a nice 9-3 season under new coach, having won against 3 biggest rivals.
18.  Texas Tech – High flying offense, meet immovable object in Cotton Bowl.
19.  Clemson – I really think they are a good team.
20.  Georgia Tech – When not being schizophrenic, they are pretty good.
21.  Boston College – Boy did they get screwed with the Smurf Bowl that is normally reserved for Tech.
22.  Florida State – Welcome back defense.  How was your slumber?
23.  Michigan – What are you doing down there?  At least you aren’t Tennessee.
24.  Iowa – Interesting rematch with Florida in Outback Bowl.
25a.  UCLA – I probably shouldn’t rank a team that loses by 47 points.  Quitters.
25b.  Navy – CIC Trophy for third straight year.  First to 50 victory over Army.

Assail away if you feel the need.  

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