Sunday, December 04, 2005


By now, you know that the Dawgs absolutely laid the wood to LSU in Shock and Awe fashion, winning 34-14. And it wasn't even that close, as they say.

There are many great things that result from this big win in addition to the obvious SEC Championship and Sugar Bowl bid. Here is my Top Ten List of Additional Benefits From Bashing the #3 Tigers Like a Top Tier WAC Team (ie. Boise State):

10. Recruiting. The Dawgs made it look like so much fun last night, what kid would not want to play for the Red and Black? Could you feel the love?
9. We re-establish the Georgia Dome as home turf for the Dawgs, which will get reaffirmed on January 2.
8. We get to hear more stories about how DJ Shockley came back for this special season instead of stories about how LSU overcame all of the Katrina adversity (which I do not deny, but, hey, I live in Florida.)
7. No SEC team can finish the season with more victories than UGA with at least 10.
6. We replace Auburn as the "Hottest Team Nobody Wants to Play Right Now."
5. We can stop complaining about Sean Bailey's stone hands and start praising his big play potential.
4. We discovered the undeniable benefits of an occasional jail break blitz.
3. No SEC team can claim more SEC Titles in the past 10 years. No need to live in the past people!
2. As eloquently stated by Kyle King, "The 80's are over." The GLORY DAYS are here and now!
1. We will no longer have to hear the phrase "Tiger Meat" after a combined score of 79-30 in our last two meetings with the Bayou Bengals.

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