Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dawg Bones Awards

Tonight I am awarding Dawg Bones for the SEC Championship extraordinary performances. I will assume that if you are reading this that you saw the game and you already know who got TDs, interceptions, sacks, etc. If you need that information, go here. You can read all about how Georgia took charge as the preeminent team in the SEC and made the following statement loud and clear: "We are BACK and we plan to stay here awhile!" I thought our team gave an extraordinary effort from the the opening kick until the final tick. When a well-coached group of outstanding athletes gives an extraordinary effort on every play, they will be nearly impossible to stop. The Georgia and Florida State defenses both demonstrated this principle last night. Many times an extraordinary effort does not directly make the play but it creates an opportunity for another player. It is in the spirit of extraordinary effort, that I will award my SECCG Dawg Bones.

Special Teams Dawg Bone - Ramarcus Brown gets a bone for his extraordinary effort on the punt that was blocked by Bryan McClendon. You may not know it, but the blur that came from the far right side was Ramarcus slamming into the outside blocker which allowed McClendon to go in untouched and block the punt.

Offensive Dawg Bone - DJ Schockley gets a bone for his extraordinary effort in selling the pump fake that caused LSU CB LaRon Landry to bite on the double-move route that allowed Sean Bailey to blow past him for his second touchdown catch of the 1st quarter.

Offensive Dawg Bone - Daniel Inman gets a bone for his extraordinary effort to stay on blocks as long as possible and drive his man until the whistle.

Defensive Dawg Bone - Tim Jennings gets a bone for his extraordinary contribution on several plays that I especially appreciated: (1) for holding up LSU WR Dwayne Bowe on the play that Tra Battled cracked the ball loose for a fumble that was erroneously not awarded to the Dawgs in the 1st quarter; (2) for his solo sack on Flynn for a loss of 12 yards; (3) for sealing the game when he jumped the out route and took an interception back for a touchdown.

Defensive Dawg Bone - Will Thompson gets a bone for his extraordinary effort to pressure the quarterback resulting in 2 sacks and one QB hurry. He was also responsible for flushing the QB out of the pocket several times and I think he was the player being held the one time LSU was flagged for holding.

And the STAT OF THE GAME: Zero. That is the number of interceptions thrown by DJ Shockley. He showed great poise, patience and maturity in throwing the ball away several times when he eluded the rush and could have tried to force something. DJ took care of the ball and never threw a dangerous pass. His great decision making prevented the talented LSU defense from creating any big plays that could have changed the momentum that Georgia had seized early on. DJ is a Superman in my book.

Way to go you hairy dawgs. Finish the drill by whipping West Virginia and end the season 11-2 and ranked no lower than 6.

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