Saturday, December 29, 2007


Moreno, Brown, Stafford, Bailey, Henderson, Massaquoi, Chandler, Ellerbe, Howard, Atkins, Curran, Johnson, et al. Too much for the Rainbows to handle. I give credit to Hawaii for winning all of their games and for showing a high-flying passing attack that puts tons of points on the board against the teams they played. But, the teams they played could not provide much resistance and that will make all the difference in the Sugar Bowl.

Colt Brennan has a great, accurate arm and has three bona fide outstanding receivers. They will execute amazingly well at times and wil score a few touchdowns in this game. At other times, we will be on Brennan so fast that he won't know what hit him, a la Tebow. We will sack Brennan at least 6 times. I can see us blitzing from all angles throughout the game. With the amount of pressure, that will begin in the middle with a strong push from Atkins, Owens and Weston, Hawaii will not see the end zone more than four times. So, let's go ahead and give them 28 points. In some contests, this could be a troubling figure. But, since we will score 48 or more, it isn't much cause for concern.

So, Hawaii is supposed to have defense to go along with their offense this year. But, the one defense in the WAC that was higher rated than Hawaii (Boise) got scorched by 7-5 East Carolina for 41 points. I just cannot envision us not scoring on almost every possession. Turnovers will stop drives and we may have to punt once or twice. But, Brian Mimbs will not have a busy evening. We will see Moreno and Brown ripping off 15 and 20 yard carries with regularity. A couple of 50+ yard runs are also likely. We will rush for over 250 yards. All this success running the ball will set up some easy big pass plays off of play action. Bailey, Massaquoi and Henderson will all have the ability to get behind the Hawaii secondary and if Stafford puts a few balls on the money, there will be some big plays like we had against Florida and Auburn.

I am predicting GEORGIA 48 and HAWAII 28. I am leaving for New Orleans in 30 minutes. I may update my blog from my HQ at The Royal Sonesta on Bourbon Street, or I may not.

Happy New Year and...


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