Sunday, December 02, 2007


At the Naval Academy, we had an acronym for what is going to happen to the Dawgs in a few short hours. Bend Over Here It Comes Again. I am not complaining that we won't be in the MNC Game. A game that has much more of the "M" this year than any year since the 1984 season that saw BYU claim the prize. The system is absurd, but that is an argument that I am not interested in making today. The BIG problem I have is that most CFB fans will get screwed tonight because Georgia and USC will not be able to get together in the Rose Bowl, which would be an amazing match-up. Instead, USC gets to throttle Illinois in a snoozer and Georgia gets to steamroll Hawaii in a snoozer. (Save your "Don't underestimate Hawaii" lecture for the coaches and the team please.) Just like the situation in 2002, the most compelling match-up possible is UGA-USC and again it will not happen because of politics.

I cannot believe that the worst case scenario is about to be unveiled in 2 hours. When this weekend began, there were so many things that would have to happen for us to end up in New Orleans against Hawaii that having a mini-donkey win the Triple Crown would have been a better bet. But all of those dominoes fell, and unless somebody - ABC/ESPN/Disney- pays the Sugar and Rose a hefty sum to set aside their conference allegiances, then we are looking at the most anti-climactic bowl games imaginable for the DAWGS and Trojans.

As Coach Ray Goof used to say, "Poor. Extremely poor."

Sure, I will probably end up going to NOLA for the game, but I will not be nearly as enthused as I would be if we were facing USC, OU, or even VT or Kansas. We get stuck with the "nothing to gain and everything to lose" bowl game of the century. And if we don't utterly destroy Hawaii, we will get no credit for the win whatsoever.

Ok, I will shut up now and await our sentence, I mean announcement that we get Hawaii. I will hold on to the world's tiniest scintilla of hope that the network wants to sell enough advertising for the Rose Bowl that they can buy off the Sugar and stick the BOHICA Banana up Jim Delaney's ass instead of Georgia's, but it isn't going to happen.



Lee said...

I wouldn't sell Hawaii, June Jones and Colt Brennan short; they're 12-0 and seem to be able to find a way to win no matter what ! I wouldn't be surprised to see Brennan win the Heisman, although -if I were a betting man- I'd have to go with Tebow, Colt Brennan a close second.

I think maybe your going to have to inform the chef exactly hoe you want your crow prepared !

Ally said...

Lee, are you on crack? Do you know anything about Hawaii?
Here's how they got that craptastic undefeated record:
They have the 3rd WORSE schedule in D-1 football. They played 2 D-II teams. They went into overtime against a 5-7 Louisiana Tech & a 5-7 San Diego State - both of those road games, by the way. They don't run the ball much and their special teams sucks at best.
I'm not suggesting thi swill be easy, but you can bet your arse after getting screwed royally yesterday & after losing (by only 3) to the mountainqueers the last time we went to the Sugar, that Georgia WILL BE READY TO PLAY.
Mark my words, take it to vegas & the bank...Hawaii will find out what its like to play big-boy football on Jan 1st. and lose big!

Go Dawgs!

Hunker Down said...


I know that Hawaii has players on offense and can score quickly sometimes. It is much easier for them to score often against the defenses they have faced this year. But they will not score often on Georgia. They will score quickly a few times, but I do not see them scoring more than 24-28 points - max - and that may be a stretch. On the other side of the ball, there is no way Hawaii will stop Georgia from scoring over 40 points.

If I am wrong, I will certainly not be offended if you come back and serve me a platter of crow.

Hawaii has had a great season, and I am not saying they haven't earned the opportunity to play in a BCS Bowl. But, I am complaining that the system is not designed to organize the most compelling matchups. It will be interesting to see how the networks try to sell these games, because they could be the least compelling 5 BCS Bowl matchups in BCS history. The BCS has managed to make the bowl season completely anti-climactic and inconsequential.

Nevertheless, I will get behind my Dawgs, get down to NOLA and look for a Big win by Georgia.

Lee said...

I feel the same loyalty to my team, always have, always will; however,
that said, I would note that this has been without a doubt the weirdest, unfathomable, unpredictable NCAA football season ever ... anything is not beyond the realm of possibility/probability and I still think Colt Brennan is one hell of a QB with a couple of world class receivers. Think about what ApState did to Michigan or check out the pre-season top 25. Navy beat Pitt and Pit beat WV,; what the hell does that mean ? Not too much in the grand scheme of things ... especially this year ... but I am reminded of one of the cliches of football ... On any given day ...

[oops ! "how" not "hoe"

Go Dawgs ... Go Warriors; it should be a fun game to watch.

GO NAVY ! BEAT ARMY !! again and again and ... (;o}

Hunker Down said...

Having reflected on the UGA-Hawaii matchup all day Monday, I have warmed considerably to the idea. These two teams have the longest current winning streaks in Division 1-A. Hawaii is the only unbeaten, so the Dawgs must try to do something no other team has done this season. Our defense will have a real challenge preparing for the pass-happy June Jones offense. Our offense should be licking their chops with the understanding that we must score close to or more than 40 points if we expect to win.

The sUGAr Bowl is our home and it is great to have the opportunity to spend NYE in New Orleans. I hope there will be a good contingent of Hawaii folks in town so we can get to know them better.

Looking forward to an exciting game. Hoping our defense brings their A game and that Moreno and Brown find lots of running room in the Dome.

Please stick around these Dawg blogs this month. There should be some good information and discussion to peruse while otherwise wasting time.

Lastly, how about those Middies!