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I do not know who to attribute this research to because it came to me by email from someone who said it was posted on DAWGVENT. If anyone knows the original author, I will be happy to attribute. Either way, it is good work and I thought I would share it.

I know everyone is aware of the less-than-stellar competition that Hawaii has faced, but I wanted to try to shed more light on the defenses that they have played. I included Colt Brennans (CB) stats just as an FYI. (I also included a summary at the bottom)

Northern Colorado (2007 record: 1-11) Total Defense ranks 115 out of 116 in the Football Championship series (FCS & formerly known as 1AA) Final score 63-6. Hawaii Returned a kickoff and punt for touchdowns. CB 34-40; 416 yds; 6TDS; 0 INT

Louisiana Tech (record 5-7) Total Defense ranks 93. Final Score 45-44 in OT. Instead of trying to tie, La Tech tries a 2pt conversion in the first overtime for the win. CB 43 of 61; 548 yds; 4TDS; 1INT

UNLV (record 2-11) Total defense ranks 62. Score 49-14. Most impressive win thus far based on opponents defense. CB 26-32; 289 yds; 2Tds;0 INTs

Charlston Southern (record 5-6) Total defense ranks 79 in the FCS. Final score 66-10. CB did not play, Injured?

Idaho (record 1-11) Total defense-87 Final score 48-20. CB 30-49; 369 yds; 3TDS; 5 INTS

Utah State (record 2-10) Total defense-107 Final Score 52-37. CB 19-25;219 yds; 1TD; 0 int--may have been injured--Tyler Graunke threw for 3 TD's.

San Jose St (record 5-7) Total defense-75 Final score 42-35 in OT. SJST threw an INT in the first OT. CB 44-75; 545 yds; 4TDS; 4INTs

New Mexico ST. (record 4-9) Total defense-95 Final score 50-13. CB 29-46; 425 yds; 6TDS; 1INT

Fresno ST (record 8-4 **first team Hawaii played with a winning record**) Total Defense-77 Final Score 37-30. CB 28-39; 396 yds; 2TDS; 1 INT

Nevada (record 6-6) Total Defense-71 Final Score 28-26. CB 2of 2 for 25 yards no TD or INTs. Graunke 33-46; 358 yds; 2TDs; 0INTs

Boise State (record 10-2) ***Hawaiis 2007 Signature WIN** total Defense-21 Final Score 39-27. Boise St led 27-26 with 6:52 to go in the 3rd. CB threw for 2TDs to end the third--no scoring in the 4th qt. CB 40-53; 495 yds; 5TDs; 2INTs

Washington (record 4-9) total Defense 102. Final score 35-28; CB 42-50; 442 yds; 5TDs; 0INTs

Hawaii played 2 teams with winning records (Boise St & Fresno St) 3 if you include Nevada at 6-6.

All defenses are ranked 71 or worse (even disregarding BCS & FCS designations) except for Boise St and Nevada.

Total W-L record of Hawaiis opponents: 53-93

Avg yards given up by all Hawaii opp. per game: 415 yards
Avg yards of offense Hawaii has per game: 529 yards

Avg Points given up by all Hawaii opp per game: 31.33
Avg points scored by Hawaii per game: 46.17

Hawaiis TOP is ranked 112 at 27:42
Ranked at 8 in third down conversions at 48.2%
Ranked at 73 for sacks allowed at 2.25 per game
Ranked at 102 for passes intercepted at 19 and 64 for turnover margin

With my thanks to the author.

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Ally said...

Wow - can't say I'm surprised, but had no clue it was that bad for the rainbows.

I don't however believe this means they will roll over & play dead at the Sugar. I think we're gonna be in a dogfight a la the mountainqueers at the Sugar in 2005 season. Let's just hope the outcome is a little different this time.