Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Horror, the Horror...

I am finally recovered from the three days of insanity in the French Quarter. But the headline does not refer to Bourbon Street, it refers to the extreme carnage that took place on the turf of the Superdome - from Colt Brennan's perspective. I truly began to fear for his safety as our guys were putting a BIG HURT on the most prolific passer ever. Brennan wasn't the only Hawaii Warrior getting pummeled in the sUGAr Bowl, but he was pounded the most. It was, in short, a painful end to Hawaii's dream season and a great first game for the Dawgs' 2008 title run.

I was in the Dome, was loud, obnoxious and then later, bored. The TV timeouts dragged on endlessly and the second half lasted forever. But, it was a joyous evening and was special to see Marcus Howard finish his career with such a bang. It was also great to see Fernando Velasco overhead press Thomas Brown one more time following Brown's final touchdown as a Dawg. I have not been able to see any replay of the game because I don't have Tivo and haven't found someone here who has the game. But, from what I saw, it was brutal physical domination on both sides of the ball. I have seen Georgia beat teams by 31 points before, but never have I seen us physically punish people to the extent that Hawaii was hammered. Even in games against Western Kentucky or other directional schools, the physical carnage did not match what happened in the Superdome Tuesday night. It was a wonderful end to the most fun UGA season since #34 toted the pigskin in Athens. I am proud of the seniors who worked so hard to make this season a success. I am proud of the underclassmen who have bought into the program and worked to set the stage for what should be a run at the National Title next year. Of course there is a lot more work to do and 14 other football teams standing in our way, but this group will be in the conversation from the outset. Lastly, I am proud of Coach Richt and the entire staff for making this such a fantastic season and so much fun to watch. I hope that CMR can keep the mojo working for years to come!


I made the trip with my brother, Drew, and three other boys from Douglas: Jeff Hennessey, Brian "Crack Rock" Norris, and Luke Christian (aka Chuck Christianson.) In NOLA, I stayed with Andrew Rothschild at the Royal Sonesta - although we did not spend much time sleeping in the fine accommodation. I had the pleasure of spending time with friends Whit and Stephanie Yates, Marshall Wellborn, Jonathon Hayes, Kent Morrison, Big Jim Hickey, among others. Made lots of new friends, including some fine LSU and Ole Miss folks. Had dinner at The Commanders Palace, lunch at Felix's Oyster Bar and a great pregame meal at Galatoire's. Killed a bunch of brain cells at The Cat's Meow, Pat O'Briens, and The Old Absinthe House. Needed three days to recover! Now, I am prepared to say that I could do it again in 2009. But at the end of the 2008 season, I am planning on being in Miami!


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