Thursday, December 20, 2007


For the season I am 96-103. I would be thrilled to get to .500 on the year.

My picks are Bold and Gold…

Utah 8.5 Navy YEP
Fla. Atlantic 2.5 Memphis YEP
Cincinnati 11 Southern Miss NOPE (missed by 1 point)
New Mexico 3 Nevada YEP
Byu 6 Ucla YEP - Threaded the needle on this one by picking UCLA to cover the spread but picking BYU Straight up in the confidence pool in my other post.
Boise State 10.5 East Carolina NOPE
Purdue 9 Central Michigan YEP - another one threaded between the Straight up and Against the Spread
Texas 2.5 Arizona State NOPE, not even close!
Boston College 3.5 Michigan State Nope - missed by half a point
Tcu 3.5 Houston Nope
Oregon State 4.5 Maryland Nope
Wake Forest
3 UConn YEP
Central Fla. 3 Miss. State YEP
Penn State
5.5 Texas A&M YEP
Alabama 3.5 Colorado
California 3.5 Air Force
Georgia Tech 4.5 Fresno State
South Fla. 6.5 Oregon
Kentucky 1.5 Florida State
Oklahoma State 4 Indiana
Clemson 2 Auburn
3.5 Wisconsin
Missouri 3 Arkansas
Texas Tech
6 Virginia
Florida 10 Michigan
Southern Cal
13.5 Illinois
Georgia 9 Hawaii
Oklahoma 6.5 West Virginia
Virginia Tech 3 Kansas
Rutgers 10 Ball State
4.5 Bowling Green
Lsu 4.5 Ohio State

Tiebreaker #1: How many total points will be scored in the Ohio State/LSU game? 41

Tiebreaker #2: How many points will Georgia score in the Sugar Bowl? 48

Tiebreaker #3: How many points will Hawaii score? 28

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