Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whip Tech, Slide in the Polls - Yes... They Suck That Bad!

So we beat Georgia Tech easily and drop a spot or two in the BCS Poll?! Maybe we should drop the Nerds from our schedule to prevent this from happening in the future. They suck so bad they pull you down even when you trounce them. Hmmm...

Anyway, Tech is done and we will think about them again around Thanksgiving 2012. For now, our focus shifts to LSU and the most prized piece of hardware in College Football - the SEC Championship. The BCS can kiss my ass. Herbstreit and May can kiss my ass. Spurrier can kiss my ass. Polls don't matter nor do the pundits. All that matters is going out next Saturday and winning our third SEC Crown under Coach Mark Richt. By the way, Coach Richt now has seven 10 win seasons in eleven years at Georgia. HE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL HE IS DOING!

To get everyone in the mood for LSU here are a few early limericks (keep them coming guys)

Gadget Dawg

There once was a coach name of Les, his antics were so hard to guess, while his team kicked some ass, he at up some grass, and his players turned grass to a mess!

There once was a badger of honey, who went to the bayou for money, he smoked some fake grass, they suspended his ass, whatchu think makes his hair look so funny?

There was a tall lad name of Jord, and on friday he got kind of bored, he got in a drunken brawl, they wouldn't let him play ball, til they needed a QB to score.

Mr Shepard he did love to tweet, 'bout the teams that L$U plans to beat, but the text he did type, Dawgs prove to be hype , and some cold crow he'll soon have to eat!

Rex Robinson

What is a Bulldawg to do, when faced with a great LSU? Corndogs will be eaten and we may yet be beaten, but it will NOT be BAYOU!

Rex even submitted a Haiku:

Mad Hatter is here...losing is in his future...he will be pissed off!


Russell Shepard is boldly Tweetin', none of that ish is worth repeatin', with one catch per game, he sounds pretty lame, soon he'll meet Shawn Williams for de-cleatin'

There will be more added, so check back daily.

Go DAWGS, beat the Corn Dogs. GATA!

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Amanda said...

Tech is doing his job very well.. Amanda Vanderpool CEO