Friday, November 18, 2011

Time To Roll This Bus Throught the Front Door of the SEC East!

Well... Auburn provided the resistance of helium-filled beach balls on greased roller skates. It was a great, dominant, team win for the Dawgs but now Kentucky becomes the next "must-win" as we chug-a-lug this big ole bus straight through the front door of the SEC East Championship.

The Dawgs are favored to win by 30. That seems high unless we are playing Auburn again. But Kentucky can't score against bad defenses. There is no way they are scoring more than 17 against Georgia and that is if we give them help.  This is a game that we should only need to score 20 to win. We may get there by the end of the first quarter. Surely we will have the 20 points we need by half time. Naturally, this game falls in a perfect trap position between Auburn and Tech, but this team has me convinced that they are focused enough to not allow this year's version of Kentucky to come into Athens and turn over our party bus.

There will be plenty of time to hate Tech next week. Let's get it done early and often today and keep everyone healthy. 

Take the Dawgs and give the points. Dawgs are going back to the Dome, through the front freaking door, baby! All aboard...

Go Dawgs! GATA!

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